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Back Pain is a Pain in the Back

Wait for it – ah, there it is! The worlds tiniest violin playing me a song. Oh, and I just typed “violion” – if not for auto spell check what would become of my ability to write, or perhaps, even speak? But first . . .

Back Pain is a Pain in the Back

6a0115710fc794970c0148c690567b970c-320wiMy back hurts. It’s been bothering me since I started designing jewelry and using hammers and power tools and bending in awkward positions to string beads. It got worse when my 100lb rescue dog never quite learned how to stop pulling. It certainly worsened when I picked up my first DSLR camera and took to the woods and ocean, taking pictures of everything, ignoring my back when it told me to stop attempting to take pictures of things very small and things very large.

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Turning 32 & Finding my Passion (sort of)

Preface: What does “turning 32” actually mean? It doesn’t make much sense if you think about it. You are not literally turning into something else altogether are you?

Please, don’t answer that. I need to keep using that particular adjective for a paragraph or two.

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Reality Versus Expectation Part I

I remember being a child, still wearing a polka dot rain coat, and sitting cross legged in my small bedroom, a medical textbook on my lap, a notepad by my side.

las-vegas-kid-doctor I knew – with absolute certainty – that I would Grow Up and don that bright white coat, numbers swimming in my newly adult mind, and spend my life helping other people. Sick people.

When teachers asked, as they invariably do when your young and impressionable and full of ideas, what I was going to be when I grew up – I told them. A Doctor.

The kids beside me gave their own socially influenced answers: A fireman, a police officer, a movie star, Hannah Montana, whatever their parents did at the time, batman. We all had dreams. Those pesky things that remind us, as adults, that Reality is never the same as our Expectations.

Or, is it?

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It’s Finally Spring! + Coupon Codes


Out in my neck of the woods it’s been raining, hailing, snowing, and generally being distasteful for 6 months.

As a woman who has been known to struggle with seasonal depression, well, it’s been a long winter. But we’ve finally had two days of sunshine – yes, in a row!

Here’s to hoping it sticks around as I’ve been known to share some slightly  melancholic videos when the weather is sour.

If you so desire, you can view them here:

When it Rains. . .

It Pours!

OK. Weather aside, the shop has been busy! Our Geometric Patina Earrings have been keeping me on my toes! Granted, patina is my favorite part of designing jewelry, so I am certainly grateful and having fun playing with my patina recipes.

All of that aside, we’ve got some new coupon codes for the shop listed below and I’ve shared a few pictures of new patina earrings in the shop and some recent photography – Taking pictures is my personal form of meditation:)

Thanks for reading and Just Because, here’s a video of my best bud Keaton – he cheers me up on even the darkest days.

The Invisible Dog

Coupon Codes

♥To save 10% on any order please use code SAVE10OVER10
♥For Free Shipping on any order over $50 USD please use code FREESHIPPING50
♥To save $5 on any order over $45 USD please use code SAVE52016