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It’s Finally Spring! + Coupon Codes


Out in my neck of the woods it’s been raining, hailing, snowing, and generally being distasteful for 6 months.

As a woman who has been known to struggle with seasonal depression, well, it’s been a long winter. But we’ve finally had two days of sunshine – yes, in a row!

Here’s to hoping it sticks around as I’ve been known to share some slightly  melancholic videos when the weather is sour.

If you so desire, you can view them here:

When it Rains. . .

It Pours!

OK. Weather aside, the shop has been busy! Our Geometric Patina Earrings have been keeping me on my toes! Granted, patina is my favorite part of designing jewelry, so I am certainly grateful and having fun playing with my patina recipes.

All of that aside, we’ve got some new coupon codes for the shop listed below and I’ve shared a few pictures of new patina earrings in the shop and some recent photography – Taking pictures is my personal form of meditation:)

Thanks for reading and Just Because, here’s a video of my best bud Keaton – he cheers me up on even the darkest days.

The Invisible Dog

Coupon Codes

♥To save 10% on any order please use code SAVE10OVER10
♥For Free Shipping on any order over $50 USD please use code FREESHIPPING50
♥To save $5 on any order over $45 USD please use code SAVE52016



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